Can decals be used outdoors?

Yes, all of our vinyl can be used outdoors. Even the Removeable Indoor Wall Vinyl can be used outdoors, it just will not last as long as a vinyl with Permanent Adhesive. When applied to exterior surfaces, expect a shortened product life due to exposure to weather, sun and other elements.

Are the wall decals removeable?

Yes, for our removeable wall decals are we use Oracal 631 vinyl which is especially formulated for interior use and can be removed from walls with little to no residue. Using a credit card or heat from a hair dryer will make the removal process easier.

Are the removeable wall vinyl decals reusable?

No. Even though the vinyl removed easily, the vinyl itself will be damaged and you will not be able to move it to a different location.

Does Personalization cost extra?

There is no additional charge for slight sizing adjustments of decals or Personalization of designs if it is a simple addition such as a name. If the design needs major customization then there will be a slight increase in the price of the decal.

I have damaged my vinyl decal during installation

Although this is rare, in the event that your decal is damaged during installation it would not be eligible for a return, but we can offer you a replacement piece at a reduced cost. If it is only a small section we can work with you to possibly send out just the part. Please contact us to see what we can work out in the event that it is damaged.

The vinyl is not sticking to my wall or other surface

This type of lettering sticks to almost any smooth or lightly textured surface like painted walls, glass, mirrors, and smooth metal and wood. It will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like bare cinder block, brick, porous aluminum, or stucco surfaces. Our products have been tested on general flat, semi-gloss and gloss paint with success. The wall surface MUST be clean, or the dirt/grease will cause the lettering to peel from the surface. Because there are many types of surfaces for which the product can be applied, and all different types of paint and other surfaces, we make no guarantee the product will stick to your space.

Can I apply a wall decal to a newly painted wall?

Freshly painted walls should be allowed to cure for at least two weeks before you apply your wall decals. Paint needs to “cure”, or settle into your drywall, to complete the drying process. As it cures, it lets out gases. A few weeks dry time gives the paint time to fully cure, settle into your drywall, and let out all of those gases. If you apply the decal earlier than that, you likely will have a really hard time getting it to adhere. It might even fall off of your wall as the gasses in the paint behind the decal try to get out.

Will the wall decals damage my wall?

When walls have been prepared as recommended and properly maintained after application of the wall decal, most people have no wall damage when wall decals are removed. Please be aware that, as with any decorative medium, there is potential for wall damage.

Standard Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl vs. Indoor Removeable Vinyl

A removable adhesive is a lower-tack water based adhesive that is designed to remove cleanly. It is less likely to remove paint from the surface or leave sticky residue behind. Generally, vinyl with a removable adhesive can peel off the surface with minimal force. A common misconception is that the term “removable” means that the adhesive will stop working at some point. That is not true, the term is related to the tack and residue factor.

A permanent adhesive is a higher-tack solvent based adhesive (than removable) and more likely to leave
adhesive residue behind if the vinyl is ever removed. It is recommended to use heat when removing vinyl with a permanent adhesive. An alternative would be to use a hair dryer if you don’t own a heat gun.


Processing time and Shipping Time?

Most items take approximately 1-3 days to make and ship but it can take longer depending on difficulty, quantity and if we need to order materials. Please let us know in advance if an order needs to be received by a certain date.

What are my shipping options?

We have a few different shipping options to ensure you receive you order when it is expected. Most items ship through USPS but we also offer UPS options such as UPS Ground and 2nd Day Air. We ship all packages in a timely manner according to our production schedule and can not be held responsible for shipping delays once the product is no longer in our possession and has been placed in the care of the shipping carrier. Be prepared to expect some shipping delays during holidays.
If you need your order sooner please notify us before placing your order and we will check to make sure we can accommodate your request. Additional charges will be incurred for rush orders.

What happens if I accidentally entered the wrong shipping information?

Please take extra precautions to provide us with the correct shipping address and phone number. Notify us as soon as possible if you discover that it was an incorrect shipping address. We ship to the address provided to us, therefore we are not be responsible for re-shipment fees due to a bad mailing address if you have recently moved or incorrectly entered a mailing address.